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Impartial and Professional

TPO is licensed by the State of California (PI-25638) to provide investigative services – something that sets us apart from most other HR consultants and firms!

Why is this important? Because an external consultant hired to conduct a workplace investigation must be state-licensed private investigator or state-licensed attorney. CA Business & Professions Code Section 7520-7539

Workplace investigations can be tricky to complete internally (and without bias). We offer years of experience, judgment, and credentials to reduce your exposure and liability.

The areas of Investigative Services include:
TPO Human Resource Management
  • Agency (CRD/EEOC) Complaints
  • Internal Complaints/Concerns
  • Abusive Conduct Complaints/Concerns
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Relations
  • Workplace Satisfaction
  • Internal/External Theft

Be More Confident with Your Decision to Hire!

Our approach includes both an electronic record search of all databases as well as a physical record search at the courthouse for criminal and civil background along with DMV and Degree verification. The cost is $250.

A credit check is also available (no extra charge) for certain positions as defined in the background Check Intake Form.

For TPO to conduct a background check, the following documentation is required at the time of request:

  1. Background Check Intake Form (completed by employer)
  2. Employment Application (completed by applicant)
  3. Background Release (completed by applicant)
  4. Background Summary of Rights (provide to an applicant for their records)
  5. Resume and/or Employment History Form (if no resume is available)
  6. AB-22 Employer Credit Report Certification (completed by an employer with applicable allowances checked) – only when a credit check is requested.

All background checks are processed within a twenty-four-hour period and normally take 3-4 business days for the final report to be returned. Background With Credit Checks can take more than the normal 3-4 business day turnaround depending on how fast the credit report is returned.

To get started, please download ALL listed background release forms listed above, scan and e-mail to Amber Allerton – Operations Manager at and Amber will take it from there!

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Allerton at (831) 647-7292.

For more information or to request an investigation!


"I am so grateful that we committed to TPO. This dedication to HR is noticed and appreciated by our employees!"

Sunset Cultural Center – TPO Member
Beth Bowman, Managing Manager