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HR Best Practices is what TPO is about.

We collaborate with you to make sure that your:

  • Employment practices are compliant with the countless (and ever changing) federal and CA regulations.
  • Supervisors, managers, and all people leaders have the training and development they need to be effective.
  • Bigger-picture organizational HR Strategies drive success.
TPO Human Resource Management

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It Doesn't Have to be Overwhelming!

We partner with you and your designated staff to deliver expert support and advice to comply with complex State & Federal employment regulations from hiring to termination, with a particular emphasis on CA’s unique regulatory environment. We assess where you are with your employment policies, procedures and practices; provide real-time advice and guidance for routine and complicated employment challenges; offer best practice HR administration tools; and provide regulatory compliance training to ensure your operation is in good, defensible HR shape.

TPO Human Resource Management

We review your HR forms, documents and practices and then provide recommendations on areas not up to speed or inconsistent from a regulatory or employee-relations standpoint.

The most typical assessments include:

Review of HR Policies & Practices from Hiring to Termination

In addistion to reviewing your existing HR documents, we talk with key staff involved with employment matters. This helps us identify inconsistencies with regulatory requirements and/or HR Best Practices. You then receive feedback detailing existing and potential problem areas and discuss a “road map” for planning and implementing sound employment practices.

The items we review include the employee handbook, new-hire paperwork, wage statements (paystubs), timekeeping records, performance management tools, leave administration paperwork, and separation of employment documents.

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Review for Regulatory Compliance and HR Best Practices

The combination of rapidly changing employment regulations and your evolving HR policies and practices requires regular review and updating of your Employee Handbook.

One size does not fit all!

TPO will review your handbook based on the size and industry of your organization, as well as the unique culture and tone to be communicated. We identify written policies that are inconsistent with regulatory requirements, your preferred policies and HR Best Practices. We then recommend edits to your current handbook or advise creating a new document customized to your business using TPO’s standardized handbook language and format.

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Your HR Self-Assessment

Gauge Your Confidence in the HR Function

TPO supports HR whether it is handled by an administrative support person, an HR department of one, a dedicated multi-person HR department, or a top-level executive.

To better gauge confidence in the tools, systems and capabilities needed to best run the HR function, an excellent place to start is to take TPO’s HR Self-Assessment. This assessment can be completed by HR staff and/or those overseeing the HR function.

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The bulk of client questions concern regulatory compliance, and we field these email and phone questions day-in and day-out. We always take into consideration, 1. Applicable regulations for your size and industry, 2. What your written policies state, 3. Any relevant past practices, and 4. The precedent you would like to establish going forward. Then we provide expert advice and consulting for our clients to consider.

Some examples of the most common questions are:

  • How much time off is a pregnant employee eligible to take?
  • What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt positions?
  • What is required in the reasonable accommodation process?
  • Can an employee waive their meal period?
  • Is our policy compliant with CA Paid Sick Leave requirements?

We can answer your questions!

TPO has developed a variety of comprehensive HR administration tools and support to address efficiency, consistency, regulatory compliance, and sound employee relations. Depending on the results of your HR Compliance Review, the following are the most sought-out tools and support TPO provides clients:

Due to CA’s complex regulatory environment, at TPO we always emphasize that “all supervisors and managers are HR Managers.” Having solid policies is not enough; those communicating most directly with employees must understand why the policies are in place and be confident in how to apply them.

The most popular training programs focusing on regulatory compliance are:

  • Non-Supervisors and Supervisors
  • Supervisors, Managers and HR
  • Leave Administrators and HR
  • HR, Business Leaders/Owners and Legal Counsel

TPO provides scores of additional regulatory training topics which are currently available and can also be customized. Programs are available VirtuaLive℠, in person, or may be purchased as a video recording.

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People Leadership Embodies Everything HR!

People leadership embodies virtually everything HR. Whether we are consulting about regulations, motivating and incentivizing, figuring out the best approach to managing conflict, or holding people accountable – it boils down to effective leadership.  People leadership can be daunting, but the importance cannot be overstated.  We help you prioritize and navigate the way to build confident leaders and more positive outcomes in support of your organization’s culture and HR strategies.

TPO Human Resource Management

How strong are leadership capabilities? How do you know?

Do leaders hire and manage others well? How about giving and receiving feedback and coaching?  Are challenges overcome while motivating the team?  Are leaders up to date with HR Best Practices for today’s workforce?

Take TPO's Leadership Performance Factors Self-Assessment!

Feeling like there’s room for improvement? We can help!

We will partner with you to review your leadership team capabilities and systems using TPO’s Leadership Profile Inventory that provides important data to assess your people leadership needs.

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We have decades of experience with providing sound people leadership advice. Whether we are coaching HR staff, a brand-new supervisor, a seasoned manager or an experienced executive, our involvement results in confident actions and more positive outcomes.

Some examples of the most common questions are:

  • My last two hires left after one month. What am I doing wrong?
  • How do I manage employees who used to be my peers?
  • I am struggling providing feedback to a difficult employee. Can TPO coach me?
  • What does TPO recommend to improve teamwork?
  • I am receiving complaints about a director. How can TPO help?
  • How can I increase collaboration among my management team?

We can answer your questions!

Developing confident leaders involves ensuring your supervisors and managers have the knowledge, tools and support to apply HR Best Practices. Based on the results of your TPO Leadership Inventory Profile, here are the most requested tools and support TPO provides.

Inter-woven between CA’s complex regulatory environment and people leadership, we emphasize all supervisors and managers start with our two most popular trainings.

  • Supervisors, Managers and HR
  • Supervisors, Managers and HR

TPO provides scores of additional people leadership training topics which are currently available and can also be customized. Programs are available VirtuaLive℠, in person, or may be purchased as a video recording.

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Request a customized training for your unique needs!

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"We rely on TPO to provide answers to the tough questions when it comes to our HR consulting needs.  TPO is always available and supportive, especially during the challenging times of the past couple of years. We have been very satisfied with TPO’s overall service and consider our investment money well spent!"

Del Mesa Carmel Community Association – TPO Member
Richard Cox, General Manager