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- a training series focusing on practical leadership and communication skills to help managers develop or refine their effectiveness as leaders!

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n Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination

September 29

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n Workers' Compensation - November 16

AB 48 (Lieber; D-Mountain View):

Would raise the state minimum wage to $7.25 in 2006 and to $7.75 in 2007, as well as indexing increases every year thereafter. This would result in CA having the highest minimum wage in the country. AB 48 passed Senate Labor and Industrial Relations and now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Because the exempt worker annual base salary requirement is set at twice the minimum wage, it would increase the salary requirement from the current salary requirement of $28,080 by $4,160 to no less than $32,240 in 2007, with increases to follow in each subsequent year.

SB 174 (Dunn; D-Garden Grove):

Would provide new incentives to file lawsuits because the bill proposes to grant what is essentially class action status to one worker's wage-and-hour claim (overtime of particular importance) without having to meet any of the current standards or scrutiny associated with a recognized, court-supervised class action lawsuit. SB 174 passed Assembly Labor and Employment and now goes to the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

SB 538 (Kuehl; D-Santa Monica):

Would rescind a recent portion of workers' compensation reform that was designed to reduce workers' compensation medical costs. Newly formed Medical Provider Networks (MPN), initially designed to improve care to injured workers and deliver cost savings to employers, would now have to develop a bureaucratic staff to monitor care, maintain at least two doctors on a full-time basis and meet numeric staffing ratios. SB 538 passed Assembly Insurance and now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.


If you want to make a difference in whether these bills pass or fail you
have to make your voices heard now while our legislators are deciding
on their voting position!

State Assembly:

State Senate:



Employers wishing to dispose of employment documents that contain personal information (social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers and any other information that is reported to an employer by a consumer reporting agency) must do so by shredding or burning them.


The Insurance Commissioner proposed a rate reduction of 18 percent, which will serve as the advisory rate for workers' compensation premiums filed July 1. The Proposal comes only two weeks after the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) suggested rates be reduced by 13.8 percent. This is the third rate decrease since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the reform bill, SB 899 (Poochigian; R-Fresno) in April 2004.

HR Rumors: Get Your Facts Straight from the Experts!


Rumor has it that the Division of Labor Standard Enforcement (DLSE) has made changes in two important areas. As with all rumors, learn the facts before acting upon them!


Meal Periods:

The rumor is that if an employer authorizes and permits a meal period (without fear of reprisal if the employee takes the meal period) and the non-exempt employee then chooses to not take the meal period, that the employee will not be owed a penalty hour of pay for not having taken a meal period.

n Stop: this is a proposed regulation and is not finalized!

n Continue to provide and ensure that employees in non-exempt positions are taking required meal periods. Exceptions to meal periods include written waivers for the following: 1) if the employee works between 5 and 6 hours, 2) if the employee is entitled to two meal periods, one may be waived, and, 3) narrowly-defined on-duty meal periods.

Partial Day Pay-docking Against Exempt Employees Vacation/Sick/PTO Banks:

The rumor is that employers are now allowed to deduct a partial days of vacation/sick/PTO time for exempt positions.

n Stop: though the Labor Commissioner did recently repeal a previous opinion letter which had stated that such a practice was not allowable, the DLSE's Policy and Interpretation Manual has not been revised and the Field Officers have not been instructed to change how cases are decided.

n Continue to pay employees in exempt positions a salary that consists of a full week's pay regardless of the number of hours worked in the week, with the exception of full-days the employee is absent due to vacation/sick/PTO time.

Bottom line: We'll keep you posted!

Now what??

You have been recognized for your strong technical capabilities, so as a newly promoted manager or supervisor, you will now face a wide variety of new challenges. In addition to accomplishing projects on your own, you are now expected to build and motivate a team to meet department and company goals. Here are some typical questions on the mind of newly promoted supervisors and managers:

How do I

n Know what a successful manager looks like?

n Establish authority, credibility and gain respect?

n Adjust from team player to manager/ from managed to manager?

n Handle shifting projects, priorities and resources?

n Carry out essential supervisory roles and functions?

n Manage time, resources, budget, productivity and myself?

n Set goals?

n Provide effective feedback?

n Listen actively?

n Delegate?

n Handle Conflict?

n Make Decisions?

n Solve Problems?

n Motivate others to do their best?

n Develop and build teams?

Relax! Don't feel isolated. Attend our upcoming "Excelling as a First Time Manager or Supervisor" workshop. In this program, we will provide you with practical techniques, tips and solutions you will need for success in your first supervisory role!

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