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- a training series focusing on the regulatory compliance and HR best practices - the information & skills supervisors & managers need to keep themselves and the organization out of hot water!

n Monterey - Jan & Feb

n Gilroy - March


- a training series focusing on practical leadership and communication skills to help managers develop or refine their effectiveness as leaders!

n Monterey - Feb & Apr

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n Motivating and Retaining Employees - November 10

n FMLA/CFRA/PDL Compliance - December 1

n Workers' Comp - January 18

n What's Really Going On Here - February 17

n Managing Change - March 24

n Prevention of Harassment - April 5

NEW CA Law Requires
2 Hours of Sexual
Harassment Training
for Supervisors/
Managers in 2005!

New Law Passed:

The passage of AB 1825 mandates that by January 1, 2006, an employer having 50 or more employees must provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to:

1. All supervisory employees who are employed as of July 1, 2005, and to

2. All new supervisory employees within six months of their assumption of a supervisory position.

After January 1, 2006, each employer covered by this section must provide sexual harassment training and education to each supervisory employee once every two years.

Content of Training:

The training and education required by this section must include information and practical guidance regarding the federal and state statutory provisions concerning the prohibition against and the prevention and correction of sexual harassment and the remedies available to victims of sexual harassment in employment. The training and education shall also include practical examples aimed at instructing supervisors in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, and must be presented by trainers or educators with knowledge and expertise in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.


Any employer who has provided such training and education to a supervisory employee after January 1, 2003, is not required to provide training and education by the January 1, 2006, deadline. Therefore, the next training is required to be provided before January 1, 2008.

TPO Recommendations:

First determine what supervisors/managers will need the training and create tickler files to ensure that the requirements are met. Second, choose a trainer that can meet the requirements ... lucky you, TPO already has this covered (in Spanish too). Next, set-up the training:

1. Ideally: Provide training for all of your employees (line staff and supervisors/manager). TPO can come to your location and train all of your employees in a two-hour training with a supervisor/manager specific two and a half hour training. While more than the new law requires, such training supports your efforts to maintain a harassment-free workplace, demonstrates to employees that you care about their work environment, and helps to ensure that all employees know the reporting requirements.

2. Next Best Option: Send your managers/supervisors to TPO's 3-hour Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination at Work training. TPO has scheduled numerous programs throughout the 2005 calendar year.

Additional Information:

Call your TPO representative for more information or to schedule training. In addition, the actual text of the bill, along with the voting records of the legislature, is available at

Not to be confused with the flamboyant fitness guru, this Richard J. Simmons is a nationally known labor attorney with the Los Angeles law firm of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton. Mr. Simmons has lectured extensively throughout the country, authored numerous publications in the labor law field, and been interviewed by CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and other national networks. If you've seen him present before, you know it will be a stimulating cardio-vascular experience!

Get a great neurobic workout while getting up to speed with new and updated
laws and developments affecting ALL California employers in 2005, including:

n Landmark Legislative Developments

n Sue Your Boss Law

n Required Harassment Training

n Application Form Litigation

n Private Attorney's General Act of 2004

n Age Discrimination Liabilities

n Leave of Absence & Time Off Rights

n Health Insurance Portability Rules

n Immigration Obligations

n Paid Family Leave

n Vacation Policies

n Wrongful Discharge


n  A renowned keynote lunch-time speaker

n  4 powerful breakout sessions presented by high profile leadership experts, including:

          - DONNA GENETT, Ph.D., author of "If You Want It Done Right, You Don't Have to Do It Yourself!"

          - ANN PHILLIPS, one of the top consultants with The Ken Blanchard Companies

WHEN:    JANUARY 26th, 7:45am – 4:15pm (Lunch is included!)

WHERE:  Embassy Suites Hotel Monterey Bay, 1441 Canyon Del Rey, Seaside

COST:      TPO Members attend FREE* as part of their Annual Membership!

             Non-Members: $249.00

             *Participants above the number of your authorized representatives can attend for just $199 each!

Click here to register!

So why do we have so much turnover?

Why is it so challenging to motivate and retain good employees? Good question. There are countless books based on study after study dealing with just that. Going back to the 1950's, various behavioral theories generally believed and embraced by American business are those of Frederick Herzberg and Abraham Maslow. Herzberg, a psychologist, proposed a theory about  job factors that motivate employees.

Essentially, Herzberg concluded that factors to do with the job environment are what he termed "hygiene" factors rather than motivators. If those factors aren't in place, job Dissatisfaction can result. However, his research indicated that certain "motivators" enriched a person's job, and were associated with long-term positive impacts on job performance (thereby retention).

Recognition of achievement
Meaningful and interesting work

Company policy
Interpersonal relations
Working conditions

Maslow developed a "Heirarchy of Needs" theory illustrating how he felt people satisfy various personal needs in the context of their work. He believed everyone began at the bottom and progressed their way up to the top.

n Self actualization: Fulfillment, learning new skills, challenges, etc.

n Esteem needs: Recognition of achievements

n Social needs: Friendship, contact - communication.

n Safety needs: Job security and safety.

n Physical needs: Ability to pay for food and shelter with pay.

The main problem with Maslow's theory is that different people have different needs and not everyone will fit in the same pattern. That's certainly true for today's work environment and workforce. We've changed and learned a lot since those early days, but the findings are still evident in recent studies. For instance, Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, authors of "Love ‘em or Loose ‘em: Getting Good People to Stay", surveyed employees by asking: "What do talented employees need from their workplace in order to stay?" Here's the list:

n Career Growth
n Exciting, Challenging Work
n Meaningful Work
n Working with Great People
n Being Part of a Team
n Great Boss

n Recognition
n Fun on the Job
n Autonomy, Control over Work
n Flexibility
n Fair Pay and Benefits
n Inspiring Leadership

n Pride in Organization
n Great Work Environment
n Location
n Job Security
n Family-Friendly
n Cutting Edge Technology

Given the high cost of turnover, and critical importance of motivating and retaining good employees, please consider attending TPO's upcoming 3-hour training program: "Motivating and Retaining Employees" on November 10 from 9:00 – Noon. You'll learn:

n Methods to discover what your employees need from you and your team
n Techniques to measure your work environment
n Useful solutions to creating an organization where employees want to stay
n Ways to increase productivity by increasing morale on your team

Stop guessing about what motivates your employees and target on what matters ... see you there!

HR Rumors: Get Your Facts Straight from the Experts!



has celebrated her 10th Anniversary
with TPO!

Thank you from all
of us at TPO and the many clients you serve so well!

RumorI understand that upon hire employers are required to provide these three written notifications: Sexual Harassment, State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave. Is that all?

FactNo. Employers must also provide Worker's Compensation pamphlet, which, as of January 2003, must also include a Personal Physician Pre-Designation form. The Pre-Designation form as of April 2004 has new thresholds as a result of the Workers' Comp Reform (SB899). Still confused on the SB899 requirements - TPO has scheduled a workshop for you - click here for more information.

You can find samples of all required notifications, as well as the guidelines on where to order them in your HR Administration Kit. Talk to your TPO Consultant if you don't have one.

Note: The State Disability Insurance notice must also be provided to any pregnant, ill, or injured employees (non-work-related) not later than
the 10th day of absence.


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